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10 April 2019

There are so many questions relating to PPI but we never tire of helping people when it comes to claiming their money back. The PPI deadline of August 2019 is literally months away and we want to make sure that everyone with a claim for PPI compensation has access to the information and help they need to claim it back.

Take a look at what customers have been asking us in the last few weeks.

Question -answer

How much of my personal financial information do you need?

We don't need to see bank statements or anything of that kind although some customers do send us copies of the account on which they are making a PPI compensation claim as proof of premiums. Policy numbers and other information works just as well.

You can rest assured that we treat all your information financial and otherwise, with the utmost confidence and in line with the Data Protection Act, as well as the latest rules and regulations relating to electronic storing of information.

We know that our customers are careful about who they share their data with and we respect this. We don't hold unnecessary information and we don't pass it on or sell it to anyone.

Do I have to prove who I am?

Yes, we need to be confident you are who you say you are and in line with data protection rules and regulations, as well as financial rules too. We need to know you have the authority to claim compensation on an account and against a PPI policy.

As well as being the customer yourself, you may be helping a relative to claim their money back. We need to be confident that you have the authority to do this and their permission too. Our team will guide you through this process.

Your identity is easily verified with a few claim forms and signatures. Call our team for more information.

Is my PPI compensation paid to you or to me?

Any PPI compensation monies are paid to you directly from your bank or building society. We will send our invoice for payment but only after you have received your compensation.

Don't forget we have a no win, no fee policy which means you won't pay us any money if your case for PPI compensation is not successful.

Can I make my own claim?

Yes, you can. There is nothing to stop you from approaching your bank or building society directly to make a claim for PPI compensation.

People turn to us here at Scottish PPI Claims for many reasons;

  • They prefer a professional and experienced company to deal with their compensation claim
  • Their time is limited and would prefer to pay a reputable company like us to deal with and chase their claim
  • As well as lack of time, some people are not confident nor comfortable in dealing with forms, telephone calls, emails or talking to financial companies such as banks
  • You don't need a reason! You can just ask us to claim your compensation back on your behalf because you want too.

Is there a deadline?

Yes, there is and it is only a few months away. You will need to lodge your complain for PPI compensation before midnight on August 29th 2019.

Have you rung our team yet?