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Are You Eligible to Claim PPI Compensation?

15 April 2019

If you have or had a personal loan, credit card or mortgage, and find that you have PPI on these accounts you may be eligible to claim PPI compensation. There are a few things you need to know, however. Carry on reading to find how they affect your claim.


Were you aware you had taken out a payment protection insurance (PPI) policy?

Other consumers we have helped were unaware that within their monthly repayments, a large slice was used to pay for a policy that they had not agreed to, didn't want and didn't suit their needs.

You need to check the small print as this is a clear indication that you are entitled to PPI compensation

How well was the PPI policy explained to you?

Did you know that existing medical conditions were excluded under the policy? Clearly, if you were unable to work due to this illness, any attempt to claim on your policy would be wasted as you were not covered.

That would mean a nasty surprise - no cover, no payments made and you unable to work.

Bad back? Mental health issues? PPI didn't cover you but were you told that?

What was your employment status when you bought PPI?

People who were retired, self-employed, freelance, in seasonal work, worked less than 16 hours a week or working zero-hour or temporary contracts were sold the policy even though the terms and conditions are quite clear that the policy didn't cover hours or work of this nature.

However, these conditions were not made clear to the consumer and they bought the policy anyway, thinking what a good thing it was to protect their repayments.

Were you working less than 16 hours a week? Or maybe you run your own business? PPI was mis-sold to you!

Why using Scottish PPI Claims could give you a distinct advantage

  1. We are a reputable and trusted company, with ahigh success ratein helping people claim PPI compensation. We know is a direct result of having a robust assessment process at the start of the claim process.
  2. Being experienced in PPI claims, we can also take on complex of claims, calculating how much compensation you should be receiving. Single premium policies (most of which have now been compensated) are simple enough to calculate but as PPI was charged as a % on credit card balances, they can be more difficult to accurately calculate
  3. We have some of the best staff who know the ins and outs of the banking and finance industry. We are not baffled by long-winded explanations from banks as to why they will not pay PPI compensation.
  4. If your bank refuses compensation but we are confident you have a case, we will encourage you to refer the case to the Financial Ombudsman, a service we also provide.

Call us and get your PPI compensation claim rolling today!