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Is Claiming PPI As Easy as They Say?

18 March 2019

Claiming compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) should be simple and straight forward but there are a few issues that can creep up and cause a problem or two…


#1 - Not Being Certain You Have PPI

First and foremost, you need to be clear you have or had PPI.

This starts with knowing that you definitely have a PPI policy. Finding a policy number, evidence of premium or monthly payments on statements and original documentation are pieces of information that will be helpful in making a claim.

#2 - Not Claiming for ALL PPI Policies Mis-Sold to You

Did you know that it is more than likely you will have more than one PPI policy? This is because the product was debt-specific and therefore applied to any loan, credit card, car finance, store card account etc.

Look through all documentation relating to all loans and from all lenders.

#3 Lenders Not Being Clear if you Bought a PPI Policy from Them

There was some confusion at the start of the compensation process that placed pressure on the consumer and the consumer alone, for proving that they had PPI in the first place.

There has been a monumental shift in attitude from the banks and lenders, however. They are now more willing to provide their consumers with the information that they need.

#4 Banks NOT Responding Within 8 Weeks

The bank or lender who sold you the PPI policy has a stringent set of deadlines by which time they must respond to your claim for compensation.

With banks and lenders under enormous pressure, they are sometimes falling foul of these deadlines with some banks receiving fines for doing so. This is why they are taking on extra staff who are dedicated solely to dealing with PPI claim from customers.

If they don't respond to you, contact them again and also refer your case to the Financial Ombudsman.

#5 Not Making Your PPI Compensation Claim in Time

The truth is that most people who were sold PPI were mis-sold it. It was expensive, had a limited range of cover and several exclusions which customers were not made aware of.

But there is a deadline and it's hurtling towards us. You have until 29th August 2019 to lodge a complaint for PPI that you believe was mis-sold to you before the summer of 2017. And that means YOU!

Scottish PPI Claims is a Leading Claim Management Company

A claim management company helps people to make claims against companies, such as personal injuries claims. In our case, we specialise in PPI compensation claims.

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