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UPDATE - How to Check for PPI

04 February 2019

January has whizzed by which means we are one month closer to the August 2019 PPI deadline. So we'd thought we'd bring you a guide on how to check for PPI. Will you make your PPI compensation claim this month?


If you have PPI, you are probably due compensation

Payment protection insurance (PPI) was mis-sold on a huge scale. There are thousands of customers affected right across the country with millions of policies mis-sold.

Divide the value of policies by the number of customers suspected as having been mis-sold PPI, and you have an average payout of around £2,750.

But you could get much more than this back, or you may get less.

You can check if you have PPI

There are several steps to checking if you have PPI on a loan, credit card, store card and so on:

I. Look through all your paperwork - it is worth spending the time trawling through all papers and documents you have relating to loans, mortgages, car finance and so on. PPI may lurk on the original documents, or the policy may have been sent to you separately. Either way, you could claim your money back.

II. Ask your lender or bank for proof of PPI - back in the early days when banks and lenders were told they had to compensate customers, banks and lenders were not so keen on letting you know if you had PPI. But, after yet more wrangling and arguments, banks and lenders have now realised that a more conciliatory tone is the way forward. Thus, most banks and lenders will, for free, tell you if you have PPI or not (don't forget to ask for evidence of this!).

III. Join a credit reference agency -if you have no joy following these two steps, some credit reference agencies may hold the original agreements on file but, they do charge a fee for this. Check the small print before you sign up.

We take on your PPI claim on a NO Win, NO Fee arrangement

But what does this actually mean? What it means is simple: you won't pay us anything if your claim for PPI compensation is unsuccessful.

You only pay us - check our website for our current fee rate - if we are successful in claiming your money back. If you have more than one claim, the fee is based on the total of what you win in compensation. You won't pay for unsuccessful claims.

We have a very high success rate in claiming PPI compensation

This is because we spend time assessing every claim to ensure that there is a PPI policy against which someone has a genuine claim for compensation.

And we can help you. Contact us for a no obligation chat.